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  1. 2004 KTM 250 EXC Conversion.

    Project Builds Showcase
    I started this project a while ago, but figured it would be neat to show progress up until today. Started as a 2004 KTM 250 EXC, in pretty decent shape. I rode the hell out of it, was a GREAT trail bike. Never really had to do much of anything to it. However, I can't leave things alone. So...
  2. Gearing Question for CR-125 two stroke

    Tech/Setups for Supermoto
    What gearing would you suggest for this bike? I have 110/70/17 front and 140/70/17 on rear. I'm thinking about doing 14/43. I simply want to be able to cruise comfortably at 40mph but still have enough torque to do wheelies. I know, I know, having a 125cc two stroke SM is taboo. But I did...
  3. Just saying hi. Who else is in Santa Cruz?

    New Supermoto Riders/Members
    Professional mechanic and lifetime gearhead. I build, restore and service classic American cars and prefer to spend my free time with motorcycles. The last car I was building was a road legal NASCAR built from a 1965 Ford Galaxie. I was replicating the Fred Lorenzen #28 racecar. I had about 20k...
  4. 95 ktm 250 2 smoker

    Supermoto pics/vids
    Just got this project going and came a long way in the past 2 weeks. Plated and new plastics and tons of parts! New top end going in this weekend.
  5. DT125 2-stroke (re)build!

    Project Builds Showcase
    Hey guys! First post here, something a little different. Long story short, I purchased a 125 2-Stroke street legal DT125x and loved it. Had a great time, and one day under heavy braking, the forks collapsed and threw me off end over end at 60mph. One broken wrist and one broken and dislocated...
  6. Southern California plated 2 stroker!

    New Supermoto Riders/Members
    Picked up a 2002 YZ250 with a California plate. Not only for SM, but also because it seems to open up a lot more offroading opportunities in this state. I have had 2 strokes my whole life but Im new to riding on streets. I would love any advise or tips you have to offer. I am excited to find...
  7. KTM 85cc SM in traffic

    General Mini Chat
    Hello! Merry Christmas! For years I've been thinking about making a KTM 85 play bike, street legalizing, and using it for short errands around town. My background: I've owned mopeds (pedals, oh yea!), scooters, vintage street bikes, modern street bikes, enduro bikes (currently KTM 500), and 200...
  8. Turbo Banshee motor in a yamaha yzf/cafe chassis!!!

    Project Builds Showcase
    I just wanted to post up some build pics from a current project after taking some inspiration from builds on this site. I wanted to build a bike that was border line scary to ride. should weigh in around 300ish pounds and put down 150hp at the rear wheel :thumbup:. Heres the power plant...
  9. KDX250 SM from FL

    New Supermoto Riders/Members
    I have a 93 KDX250 that I just bought it today for only $500! I read a lot about it before I bought it and from my understanding its pretty much a 2 stroke with the brute of a 4 stroke at low end. I want to convert this bike into a "supermoto" but I will not be competing in anything or anything...
  10. NEW member - 1999 KTM 250 2-stroke SuperMoto conversion for street Have Title/Plates

    New Supermoto Riders/Members
    I just purchased a 1999 KTM 250 enduro, has rear tail light and head light. It already has a title and plates :) in IL. Im looking for advise making it streetable... especially making gearing taller and keeping the muffler quiet enough for street... My goal is to make it a fun bike to ride on...
  11. 2012 KTM SX250 with 380 engine

    Project Builds Showcase
    Hi there Been racing supermoto on 4 strokes for 7 years now, so it was time to try something different, so this summer i bought an SX380 from 2000 and made it ready for some supermoto.... ..and what a powerfull engine, most fun i had in a long time:lol: ....only the chassis let me down some...
  12. How to convert 2T bike (KTM 380 EXC) to use 100% LED lights for road use?

    Street Tarders
    Hi All, I thought that it's about time I get around to thinking about setting up some lights for my KTM 380 EXC if I'm going to have it on the road by the end of the year... (Hope I found the right forum for this...) The bike is a '99 380 EXC and didn't come with any lights when I bought it...
  13. 2008 suzuki RM 85 - $4500

    2008 Suzuki RM 85 set up for supermoto - Crf 150 R Marzocchi front end complete with Brembo oversized disc brake - Well built motor, professionally ported and polished, gearbox is polished - Custom aluminum subframe - GPR steering dampener - The bike has been lightened and is 20 lbs. lighter...
  14. KTM 380 EXC - 2T street supermoto build!

    Project Builds Showcase
    Hi All, Seems to be a few 2 stroke supermoto builds underway... looks like I have caught the bug! I always wanted a 2T bike, but I figured that it would be something like an RS250 that I would use on track days. Well that never happened, and I am having to cut back on my track days budget so...
  15. Help! KX65 motor swap wiring goof

    General Mini Chat
    HELP!!! Ill make a short story long. Just got a used 2005 KX65. it was working great until... My kid didnt shift and blew the crankshaft barring or stretched the rod or something bad. I didnt want to mess with that yet so I bought a 2007 motor off ebay. when i took the old motor out I cut the 2...
  16. 01 KTM 250 exc battery troubles

    Tech/Setups for Supermoto
    I am having a minor problem with the battery on my lighting system. I am unfamiliar with these as I rode desert and track and never dealt with lights. I have an 01 250 exc 2-stroke street legal, evrything works fine in the lighting system. all lights function properly. But the lights will not...
  17. Ktm 300 sm

    Street Tarders
    Not sure what I'm going to do next but here is what I've been on the street with: any suggestions?
  18. Newb with a RMX 250

    Has anyone done anything with these bikes? My buddy told me i have to jet it bigger but what else has been done? what kind of wheels can i use? what engine stuff can be done to make it better street wise? any help is appreciated.
  19. Wr250 2t

    Who has one how do you rate em?