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  1. My new toy (not supermoto)

    Supermoto pics/vids
    My new toy. maybe one day ill try puttin on my sumo rims :D
  2. OK…. I'm trying to make a 2-stroke street legal...

    Street Tarders
    The vehicle will be registered in Texas so specific information on Texas laws would be greatly appreciated. What two strokes would be be suitable for street use/ "light" hooliganism? What was the last year the manufacturers produced street legal two strokes? Also, if someone could comprise a...
  3. 1997 Cr500...Springfield, Mo

    Hey guys, Im selling my 1997 Cr500, its a great bike. I haven't owned it very long, its got an fmf full system, new plastics and low ride time on the top end. I really love this bike but I'm selling it and few other things to buy an aprilia. This is a huge 2-Stroke! A lot of power out of this...