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  1. 1999 KTM 380sx Sumo Build in the works?!

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    Hello all, I introduced myself a few weeks back and mentioned I had picked up a clean 1999 KTM 380sx. The bike had approximately 50 hours on it when I purchased it for $1,200 bucks last summer; I think it was a fair price. :headscrat I've been riding everything and anything for years and I've...
  2. wtb ktm 380sx sumo wheel set

    Looking for a set of sumo wheels to fit my 1999 ktm 380sx. Don't have to be pretty. Any help is appreciated! I've done some searching around but haven't had a lot of luck... Thanks!
  3. wheel setup for 99 dr350se

    looking for a street setup to be able to swap dirt to street and back with little hassle. preferably 17" wheels but stock size wheels would work too. with or without tires. thanks guys.