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  1. New Racer...Tips, Pointers & Help

    Supermoto San Diego
    Thanks for the feedback guys. I think I am going to go up and do a track day on it with my buddy I bought it from so I can get some tips and get a feel for the bike. I will definitely be out racing soon. Just need to get comfortable on the bike and a good feel for it before I jump into a race...
  2. Graphics ?

    Nice looking bikes! Glad I found this. I want to change my number plates from my buddy who I bought the bike from. Also got spare plastics from him so may do up one set. Just what I needed for the pocket book. New addiction and toys!
  3. San Diego B.S. thread.

    Just joined live in OB. 07 KTM 690 and just bought a KTM 450 for the track. Plan on hitting some days soon at the track and debating on the Q races in June. I normally ride with a cool group of sportbikes but always up to learn from others and meet new people.
  4. New San Diego Rider - Ready to Start Racing

    New Supermoto Riders/Members
    Thanks. I ride the 94 some weekends and go North at times also. If the wife is off we take casual rides with some Harley riding friends. I obviously do not discriminate. Looking forward to feedback and help. Especially guys who race at the Q.
  5. New Racer...Tips, Pointers & Help

    Supermoto San Diego
    So I could not resist and finally got me a pure track supermoto to try some racing. I just picked it up Monday. I have been doing track days on my KTM 690 but want to do some actual racing. Looking for tips and pointers. I thought about coming out for the next Qualcom race and giving it a go...
  6. New San Diego Rider - Ready to Start Racing

    New Supermoto Riders/Members
    Hello to all. My name is Nate and I live in San Diego (OB) and work in Mission Beach. I have ridden for several years but restarted my clock when I moved here form Ohio 4 years ago (Go Bucks!) Roads there do not compare to here except for my trip to the Dragon one year. I played around at...
1-6 of 6 Results