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  1. 2017 Race Season Fast Approaching for Ohio Mini Roadracing League

    Mini Racing and Events. Good overview video: 2017 Schedule Round 1 CRP (CCW) 04/22/17 Round 2 CRP (CW) 05/06/17 – 05/07/17 Round 3 CRP (CCW) 06/03/17 Round 4 PIRC Wilson Circuit (CCW) 06/17/17 –...
  2. XR100 swingarm with disc brake

    General Mini Chat
    This would be more for bling than need but I like bling too. I sent you a PM about the front end. Let me know about the ass end as well. Nice work. Is the swingarm stock length? Can you make a slightly longer one? Biggie
  3. CRF100 tire size

    General Mini Chat
    Most sliding that occurs will be on the front end of the stock XR100. Don't worry about the rear. Brain should focus towards the front tire. It will start to chatter then lose all grip.
  4. CRF100 tire size

    General Mini Chat
    All of the guys in my club run 100 front and rear. Haven't tried the 110 rear.
  5. Should I keep my CRF250R Junior?

    General Mini Chat
    Are they in the same class or not? And, no I don't like heavy and slow, but I don't consider a 150 with 250R motor slow. I can't say for sure, but I would bet that the 250r would be faster than the 100cc two stroke simply because it has more torque and more HP. Or I would think it does...
  6. Should I keep my CRF250R Junior?

    General Mini Chat
    Are those two bikes even in the same class that you plan to run/race in? I personally would much rather have a 250cc 4 stroke over 100cc 2 stroke for just about everything.
  7. CRF100 tire size

    General Mini Chat
    Bridgestone Battlax BT-45 Sport Touring Front Tire 100/90H-16 SKU#51345 (Motorcycle Superstore has these on special for $92 each sometimes. That's the ones you want. Not the 'V' rated one.
  8. Doug Henry's AMA Pro Supermoto Graves Yamaha YZ450F Supermoto Bike

    Email sent Email sent. Please PM me if you didn't get the email. I'm interested.
  9. HONDA CRF 150R SM as trick as it gets!!!!$4999

    Mini Classifieds
    No trick wheels either. Looks nice overall.
  10. '07 150r mini roadracer

    Mini Classifieds
    150r PM sent
  11. In Search of Honda CRF150f 17" wheels...

    Mini Classifieds
    Could be in the market for some 17" wheels for CRF150F Looking to pickup a set of 17" wheels for flat tracking a CRF150F (not R). Let me know what you got. I'm in OH. Chris
  12. Excel, Warp 9, Marchesini, DNA

    Site Sponsor Sales
    Thanks. Wasn't sure about the newer 2009+. I would like a 2010 fuel injected one. It's hard racing against those more powerful bikes.
  13. Excel, Warp 9, Marchesini, DNA

    Site Sponsor Sales
    I have a set I'm currently using on my 2007 CRF250R. What years are compatible with 450R? I may upgrade bikes over the winter.
  14. OMRL Season Opener Saturday 4.20.13 Circleville, OH

    Mini Racing and Events.
    Standard CCW direction. Should be really fun. I'm very excited after the summer break.
  15. 2007 Honda CRF250R Super Moto Wheel set, complete. Almost new, with tires $350+ship

    Bike Parts Edit: Sold Warp 9 wheel set. 17" front and rear. Bought over the winter when the bike was converted to SM. 2007 Honda CRF250R. I rode under 50 laps (.7 mi) around Kart track, then removed from the bike. You can still read conti...
  16. Supermoto Slipper Clutches KTM, Husqvarna, Yamaha

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    Crf250r stm I just bought a used STM for my CRF250R off this site. One spring is cracked. What parts do I need to rebuild this clutch What are the recommended springs, prices, availability? Anything else? Chris
  17. Excel, Warp 9, Marchesini, DNA

    Site Sponsor Sales
    How to get from here to there I have a 2007 Honda CRF250R with a set of Warp9's front and rear. Rear is 4.25". Tires are a problem for me. Currently has Continental SM tires (road), which aren't bad, but the front doesn't allow enough lean angle before sliding. Bike is strictly race bike...
  18. Owners Manual and Service Manual

    Update I found the owners manual online. Still looking for service manual (free pdf best, willing to pay for paper copy).
  19. Owners Manual and Service Manual

    Looking for manuals for newly acquired 2007 Honda CRF250R. Thanks, Chris
1-20 of 24 Results