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  1. Gasoline Ethanol Free

    Listen MORON , I was be extremely patient with your ignorant ass , but obviously you don't have a grasp of the English language. Anybody else should test your local gas for actual ethanol content otherwise you're just pissing into the wind like the non riding little piss ant above.
  2. Gasoline Ethanol Free

    You're aren't understanding me , the pumps say ''MAY contain up to 10% ethanol'' , as in it MAY have less or none. I've tested the 93 in my area and it has NONE even though the pumps say it MAY. If you have tested the gas in your area you may be wasting your money for nothing.
  3. Gasoline Ethanol Free

    Unless you've actually tested your local gas , you're probably wasting your time and money.
  4. RMX 450Z - Supermoto Wheel Options

    They can do anything , the number of spokes is irrelevant , to them. They make their own spokes and drill rims. I got Excel rims with heavy duty stainless steel spokes and nipples.
  5. RMX 450Z - Supermoto Wheel Options

    You can have new rims mounted to your stock hubs. I had mine done on a different bike by Buchanan Spokes.
  6. CBR250R (MC19)/VTR250 (MC33) Wheels on DRZ

    You're ugly and your mother dresses you funny. :rofl:
  7. CBR250R (MC19)/VTR250 (MC33) Wheels on DRZ

    Australia , that's even worse , descendants of convicts and criminals.
  8. CBR250R (MC19)/VTR250 (MC33) Wheels on DRZ

    Oh , Austria , now I KNOW you can't ride for shit. :lol:
  9. CBR250R (MC19)/VTR250 (MC33) Wheels on DRZ

    Unskilled teenager ? :clap: What state are you two slow assed sissies in any way , I'd like to briefly show you my tail light ? I'm ALWAYS up for a challenge ans rarely lose , let's do it ladies.
  10. CBR250R (MC19)/VTR250 (MC33) Wheels on DRZ

    So that makes two of you that don't know your ass from your elbow. You must ride one rigged up , ill handling piece of shit.
  11. Upstate NY guy

    New Supermoto Riders/Members
    If you're heavy , you need to start with springs first. You're basically going to set up the suspension like a street bike.
  12. CBR250R (MC19)/VTR250 (MC33) Wheels on DRZ

    It's still the wrong sizes if you want to do the bike up correctly.
  13. CBR250R (MC19)/VTR250 (MC33) Wheels on DRZ

    A 120/70 on a 3.5 inch rim is standard sizes for a Supermoto front wheel. If you just want the look , go ahead and rig it , if you want to ride Supermoto , the rim is wrong.
  14. CBR250R (MC19)/VTR250 (MC33) Wheels on DRZ

    OK , your back rim is wide enough , your front isn't. The standard sport tire size of 120/70-17 needs a 3.5 inch rim , not 3 inch and you don't want a 110 front tire either.
  15. CBR250R (MC19)/VTR250 (MC33) Wheels on DRZ

    You still have to remember that the speedo will be reading high due to the smaller diameter front wheel. Your rims should be 3.5 inches wide in front and at least 4 inches wide in back , if not , you're wasting your time with those wheels because you won't be able to run suitably sized tires...
  16. Keihin FCR MX 41.5 racing carburetor

    Bike Parts
  17. Pain Killer Pills For Sale

    I can't believe they allow this bullshit here , he's started several threads like this. I reported the first one and nothing was done. No wonder this place is dying , no one gives a shit.
  18. Cr250

    Project Builds Showcase
    They're right , the treads should be pointing at each other at the top of the tires.
  19. Z carbon fork guards on model s?

    The SM has inverted forks.
  20. DRZ front end 75 mph wobble

    It's called speed wobble , your post is the dumbest thing I've ever heard. Check your steering head bearings , but most likely it's your front fender flopping at speed.
1-20 of 22 Results