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  1. New CRF Chain Guide for Supermoto

    Site Sponsor Sales
    This forum is for our sponsors to post deals and their customers to reply. Please keep posts unrelated to the sponsors deals in another forum. thread closed.
  2. Website name change

    Race forum Moderator Chat
    blammo sorry for the delay
  3. have motostrano gone out of business

    This might be a really crazy idea, but you could try to send them a PM.
  4. The colors on this new site and format...

    I made the black&grey color scheme the default - so anyone who has not chosen a "style" will see the darker one. Posted before, but if you missed it: There are 2 color schemes to choose from now. You can choose them at the very bottom of any forum page, on the left side - opposite 'Contact...
  5. Photos won't load

    the new attachment feature works using JAVA. I could not upload anything at all until I uninstalled, then upgraded to the latest version - Try that.
  6. Photos won't load

    try attaching images that you know are above 100kb in size. Seems that there is no problem with those. I still haven't heard back from the forum software people about that issue....
  7. new forum look is....

    Colorado Supermoto Shootout Series
    already covered it... Here
  8. SMJ decals!!!

    Please Note: These are not official decals Please Note: These are not official decals, purchase at your own risk. One of the main problems with selling items with our logo on it on this site, is the potential for the buyer to be unsatisfied with...
  9. FS BEHR SM wheels 16.5 front, 17 rear, supermoto

    Bike Parts
    still for sale?
  10. Selling stuff and shameless advertising question

    Colorado Supermoto Shootout Series
    posting it here would be seen as purposely skirting around posting it in the proper forum.
  11. Supermoto T-shirts

    Buy Here . :thumbup: stuck a thread at top
  12. SMJ Shirts

    Buy Here . :thumbup:
  13. crf 450r and crf 450x diffrence????

    bump - added pics :thumbup:
  14. u raff, u ruse ?anyone?

    Supermoto pics/vids
    you get the idea... keep it clean. :thumbup:
  15. AMA Lites Points

    Pro Series Forum
    From what I've been shown, the lap times show that Hoffman did, in fact, earn the 12 points according to his times and one of the technicians arbitrarily adjusted Hoffmans finishing position without sound reason, which is why there was an...
  16. Miller Motorsports track map

    Pro Series Forum
    Map for next round in UT ... big ?... still waiting for info on parking, camping, tickets... will post as soon as I hear.
  17. for sale,brand new pair of metzler sm slicks

    Bike Parts
    Keep for sale posts in the for sale forum. - Burned, you should have access to post there, if not, let me know. Moved
  18. Supermoto Riders for X Games Announced

    Pro Series Forum
    Supermoto Faceoff at X Games 15 Palo Alto, CA, July 09, 2009– XTRM Sports Network is excited to announce that the XTRM AMA Pro Supermoto Series racers have been invited to take part in the prime time ESPN X Games Supermoto race on ABC Live, Saturday August 1st at The Home Depot Center in...
  19. Spam / Advertisements in Racing Forums

    Race forum Moderator Chat
    if the person posting doesn't have a Site Sponsor title by their avatar, then yes - it would be spam. thanks for your help.
  20. Krylon Plastic Paint

    Painted a 97 RM plastics with it and it turned out OK for ghetto graphics. Mine never peeled off by itself, even on the tank, but it did start to show wear marks on the airbox from my boots after a few months. In hindsight, I don't think I'd do it again on the tank. Just because it's a pain in...
1-20 of 34 Results