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Thread: yz450 cdi box on wr450

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    Default yz450 cdi box on wr450

    has any body tried putting a yz450 cdi on a wr450 to get igntion advantges mine seems to miss at a constent speed they say to rejet it doesnt make a difference pull carb change to a yz 450 runs perfect they say timing curve on 03wr has a problem in timing curve even with tps disconnected

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    All of my YZ's stuttered at a constant throttle setting. You can jet it to a point but I have never been able to fully get rid of it. Try a leaner pilot jet. I have always ended up with a smaller pilot than everyone recommends. Too large of a pilot seems to really make them hesitate and stutter.
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    Boyeson power shot accelerator cover and tuning of the air fuel screw will help out tremendously

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    I put a dynatek fs ignition box on my wr . my shutter went away in the normal yz map . after I properly set the tps sensor on my laptop interface . it does shutter a little tiny bit now and then on the most radical ignition curve.

    Ps: a yz ignition box is powered by ac , a wr ignition box is powered by dc . so to make a yz one work on wr you have to change or rewind the stator , change the pick up coil and the output coil . I really don't think it's worth the effort.

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    This is true, I have an 05 WR engine in my YZF after I blew the YZ motor.
    To get the YZF ignition in there, we machined the WR crank to suit the YZ flywheel, and mounted the YZ stator on an 8mm plate using the redundant WR starter motor hole and the lower crank seperator hole.

    I was told it couldnt be done, I bought the engine (cheap) not knowing the differences as I was new to the game and assumed the engines were the same ! Little did I realize at the time, that they had completely different Ignition systems. Derrr, me is fik.

    But, my WR enine is now a 5 speed YZF wannabe !

    It works, but its a lot of work.

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