oil amount in crf 150r
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Thread: oil amount in crf 150r

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    Default oil amount in crf 150r

    just pick up a 07' crf 150r and want to do it first oil change how much goes it.

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    not 'effing much. there are 2 oil cavities. 1 for trans and 1 for the motor. if u change the filter and the engine oil its like 600cc's just the oil it's 550cc's or so. put in 500cc's and then stick it. i run mine at the highest line on the stick without the stick threaded in.
    trans is 600 also.
    these things use a bit of oil too. mine has since new with a new piston or 1 with a few hrs on it. check the motor oil regularly. i do at least once a session.
    change it every other ride. for me that's like every 4-5 hrs of use. ichange trans oil every other motor oil change.
    changing is a bit confusing too. the engine oil drains out of the bottom of the motor on the opposite side of the engine oil filler. thats the 1 with the dipstick.
    the trans oil drains out the left side of the motor and all over the frame rail making a nice mess. u check it from a weep hole on the same side as the trans oil filler.
    confused? i was. get a manual if u don't have 1.
    these are great bikes tho. i have hammered mine and it keeps coming back for more.
    have fun!
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    Mine hardly uses any oil, its bone stock motor wise. Make sure you follow the instructions for checking the oil. You have to let the bike run for a few min then let it sit a few min. If you don't wait then it will seem low and you will add to much.

    I fill the tranny to spec and never even crack the weep hole. I checked the weep hole the first 2 times I changed it and it was spot on. So now I just put in the correct amount.

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    Wait! There's oil in there??????


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