suzuki drz400s conversion to supermotard?
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Thread: suzuki drz400s conversion to supermotard?

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    Cool suzuki drz400s conversion to supermotard?

    How much money am i looking at? What changes do i need to make? And how is it gunna be different for drz400sm or can i make it the same? any big noticable diffences?

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    For a basic setup (assuming the bike is plated, or able to be plated) all you really need to get are some new wheels and tires. Hell, I imagine if you really wanted to you could even just get new tires for the wheels you've got (although I don't know what size the S comes with, so that may not be entirely right).

    If you really want to do a PROPER conversion, you're looking at new brakes, bracketry, wheels, tires, etc. Probably anywhere from $1000 for a basic setup all the way up to $5000 for a 'race' kit. (Note: Numbers are off the top of my head, please don't quote me)
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    it will be similar, but DRZSMs are so cheap and common, you may just save money and time by selling yours and buying an SM. it has better forks and a few other upgraded parts. i've never really understood why people convert s models.

    I converted my DRZ because it is an E model, which has quite a few differences from the S and SM, and is quite a bit lighter and more powerful. So that could be an option as well.

    conversion will be about 1000-1400 for the wheels and tires, and another 2-300 for the front brake, add in other odds and ends like stiffer fork springs, front fender, sprocket, etc, and you could get close to $2k.
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    i converted an "s" and im pretty happy with it. i got a set of used excel/rads for 1100 bucks and an ebc disc and relocator for around 200. if you keep an eye out you can get a big disc and relocator cheaper on ebay or in the classifieds here, same for the wheels. the only other change i made was the forks. i just happened to have a donor set of crf forks laying around. however this wasn't really necesary. i just did it cause they look cool. any dirt forks are gonna need a revalve to truly be good for supermoto but for around town hooliganism the stock forks are fine. if you allready have an "s" or can get one really cheap i'd say do the conversion. otherwise like alhounos said might as well just get an sm. converting an "E" would be the hot ticket but then you add the cost of making it street legal. lights horn etc. most complete dualsport kits run 300-500 bucks.

    oh and your for sure gonna want a new sprocket with 17's. the stock s sprocket is way too low a gear with 17s on the street. another +note about the s or e is if you like dualsport or trail riding you can always swap the dirt wheels back on and go have a blast.


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