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    Quote Originally Posted by SHADOWPLAY288 View Post
    Gary I'm a new owner of a 08 WRX with ??'s about setting up front and rear suspension. I have no idea if the original settings have been changed, but with only 200 miles on Her I tend to believe not. I've never done anything suspension-wise with any bikes other than installing new shocks.My riding is exclusively street ripping/commuting .I'm 6ft-165lbs and I ride some-what agressive. I have a shop manual to lead me thru the procedures and a good amount of mechanic tools. Are there any specialty tools needed ? How do I know what's the right settings F&R ? What are the different type of settings and what do they actually mean? Preload ? What should I be looking for while riding to determine any changes? I know it's alot of ??'s but I'd like to get a little more knowledge so I can get the most outa Her ! Thanx DJ in NYC 09
    hi my name is sergio and i work at Factory Connection. i set up a wrx for a friend of my about 6'2" and 170#s and those bikes are set up way too soft for any asphalt riding they bassically have woods bike suspension on them if you want it for street your gonna have to get it revalved, spring rates are good for your weight also suggest lowwering the rear of that bike about 1 inch helps it quit a bit if you want to have your stuff done by us just looks us up in the web.

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    I have used ACME brand muffler bearings for years and they've never let me down yet. Actually I've never even tried any other brands since I heard that all the top pros use ACME. I'm sure Gary runs them as well.


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