Looking to md my engine now and looking for any1 that has a modded xr650r and knows what kinda BWHP they have and what they did to their engine to get it. What gave you the most power for the money. I don't want to bore it out. I was thinking 11:1 standard bore piston kit, HRC copy cam,port and polish because i can get it dont for free. I was thinking the kibblewhite valves and spings but does any1 think that is really needed??? Another 320.00 for them and not sure if its really needed? And do you think if i did what i had listed would gain me 5 hp on the back wheel or more?? I have full FMF exhaust, pod filter so air is no problem. And plan to have it jetted on the dyno for max hp when done. Dyno sheets would be great if you have any listed with exact mods.