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Thread: Stateline Challenge will have KTM race bikes for rent

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    Default Stateline Challenge will have KTM race bikes for rent

    I have recieved some emails from some racers from all over the country expressing interest in the Stateine Supermoto Challenge on April 13-15. Of course an issue is the drive out here. Well, I have teamed up with 3 Bros Racing/KTM of Temecula to try and help you guys out.

    3 Bros will have KTM 450 SMR, 525 SMR, and 560 SMR's that they will be renting for the weekend. The bikes will be fully race prep'd and ready to go. Pricing will be $300 per day, or $500 for 2 days. (this isn't too bad considering tires are $300+ a set) Payment will be made directly to 3 Bros Racing. I will have more info up on my web site soon.

    Buffalo Bills Resort and Casino is located about 35 minutes from the Las Vegas Airport.

    Check out this promotional video that captures the spirit and energy of the Stateline Supermoto Challenge. This is the largest rider attended supermoto race in North American history. Please click on the following link to view the video. It is a VERY large file, so give it some time to download.

    For more information on the Stateline Supermoto Challenge, please visit You can also send me an email at if you have questions.


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    Tires plus transport = roughly $500
    that's a hell of deal!
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    Your killing me..........
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