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Thread: TIRES? For track and street

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    Default TIRES? For track and street

    I am looking for a tire I could use on the street and on the track? I have a 2002 KTM 520 SX converting to supermotard. I will commute with it and track it once in a awhile. 60% commute 40% track. Thanks for the tech support.


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    Hi, when i used the husky on the street and on the track i mounted michelin power one!! There are amazing!

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    Any decent DOT race tire will work.

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    I was able to tear it up pretty good on Shinko Ravens. Boy do they screech when you back it in... They aren't sticky tires, but they will last you a few thousand compared to a few hundred. And they are cheap
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    Everyone seems to like the Michelin Power series. The ONE's are more race-oriented, so I'd probably avoid them. I run the PURE on my Husky and really enjoy them, but I'd probably look at the 2CT Pilot Power if I were you as they're a little more road-oriented.

    The 2CT gives you a soft shoulder for good traction when you're getting it, but has a hard center section that will hold up to commuting a bit better. My PURE's are 2CT and still have tons of life in them, even after several trackdays, hundreds and hundreds of miles of mountain roads, and just as many miles of commuting.

    A lot of guys also seem to enjoy some of the Bridgestone Battlax series, but I don't have any experience with them so I can't really give any meaningful insight.

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