Keihin carb ugrade for the DRZ400SM
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Thread: Keihin carb ugrade for the DRZ400SM

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    Default Keihin carb ugrade for the DRZ400SM

    Alright, so I've read a bunch of threads on this, but apparently not enough. Consensus seems to be that swapping the Keihin FCR-MX 39MM carb onto the DRZ is like giving it a pair of balls. Thumpertalk sells the carb and all the crap you need for $560. I was perusing fleabay the other day, and came across a Rath Racing Keihin 39MM carb with the flange to fit the DRZ for substantially cheaper. I don't know if Keihin is still selling a non-MX FCR, but I figure this can't be the case. Anyways, does this look like the MX?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Twatwaffle View Post
    Consensus seems to be that swapping the Keihin FCR-MX 39MM carb onto the DRZ is like giving it a pair of balls.
    Don't buy into all the hype. It's much better than the stocker for sure, but it's not the fire breathing monster mod some would lead you to believe. But, if you plan on doing any other mods down the road, you'll need it anyways. Keep in mind, you're still going to need airboots, and other small odds and ends to finish up the conversion as well.
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    HPI is right. While an FCR makes a noticeable difference, your DRZ isn't going to become a KTM. While I'm not sure if that particular carb will work, you can get the remaining adapters from like I did.
    HPI, how much do the cams and the flywheel help? I'd like to upgrade a little more, but not get into a BB kit yet. ($$ reasons)
    Sorry for the threadjack.

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    I have one just like that. I got it new on ebay for $300. For some reason I had to drill a hole in it to get the return throttle cable to hook up. Its got the place for it but no way to put the cable throw. Its really no big deal. Its got an notch were the hole should be. You probably could run with out it but I like the peace of mind that I can shut the throttle my self. And that kind has the air cut valve witch is nice on a street bike. It keeps the motor from running lean on deceleration. The thumper talk one don't have that. I had to get a different cable for the pull side cuz the stock one has a brass part thats curved and dont hook up well. And if it dont come with that one then you'll need the rubber piece that goes between the motor and the carb. Other then that jet it and your good to go. It defiantly has more throttle response and power but nothing crazy like you hear about on hear. I think a lot of people on hear have there stock carbs set up way wrong so when they switch to the fcr and jet it right its a big differences.
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    I've got a 42mm FCR with the power shot set up on mine with a high flow air filter & full yosh. between riding mine & one that was alomost stock ( only had the yosh system on it)

    there was a very big difference in the throttle response but yeah it's no KTM or Husky.
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